• Mermaid Cove Mask

    Mermaid Cove Mask

    Mermaid Cove

    Why not make a SPLASH as we navigate these new waters!  This buttery soft fabric and small, lightweight ear straps are so much more comfortable than wide elastic straps.  Our masks are made...
  • Mermaid Soak & Sip Deluxe Kit Mermaid Soak & Sip Deluxe Kit

    MerMom Soak & Sip Deluxe

    Mermaid Cove

    If your Mom is the BEST, only give her the BEST!  This MerMom Soak & Sip Deluxe Kit is for the mom who deserves the ocean... and then some.   Your gift kit includes: Effervescent Salt...
  • "Tacos, Tequila & Mermaids" rolled cuff tee Peach "Tacos, Tequila & Mermaids" festival tank Spicy Mustard

    Tacos, Tequila & Mermaids

    The Filthy Mermaid

    Get SPICY, Mermaids!  We're excited to have The Filthy Mermaid™ in la casa for Cinco de Mayo!  There's no reason we can't shellabrate tacos (ahem... and tequila!) while locked away at...
  • Mermaid Soak & Sip Kit Mermom Mother's Day Gift

    MerMom Soak & Sip

    Mermaid Cove

    It's time to R-E-L-A-X, Mermaid!  We know the weight you're carrying on those gorgeous shoulders... and we know you need a break too!  This MerMom Soak & Sip Kit is for YOU, Mom! Your...