Meet The Mermaid: Mermaid Kisses this Valentine's Day from the MerBoss

Posted by Casey McNutt on

Ahhh!!!  Love is swimming in the air this week!  I thought it would be a great time to introduce myself since my biggest love is YOU!  I'm Casey, the creator of Mermaid Cove Collective, and I am sending some big sloppy mermaid kisses your way this Valentine's Day!  You've made our whole year amazing and there's no better week to acknowledge that you're my mer-crush.  

I'm super excited for what is coming this year with Mermaid Cove Collective™ - we're creating the most FIN-tastic mermaid marketplace with sellers of whosits and whatsits from all over this blue planet.  The most talented mermaids will all be selling in one spot, right here!  

I'll be honest with you, my friends... it's a learning curve and html code and gallery sizings are a struggle at times to learn, but we're figuring it out and enjoying the heck out of it all the way through it!  You'll be hearing a lot more from me as we introduce our new sellers to the marketplace - please support them!  Small business makes the world go 'round and we're all about lifting up mermaids and cheering them on.  We're going to be adding products from our new sellers in our monthly subscription, Mermaid Cove Crate, giving you the first look at great new products and services!  

From all of us at Mermaid Cove Collective™, we wish you a beautiful week filled with love and mermaid kisses whether it's from your Valentine, Galentine, PurrMaid, or MerPup!  Thank you for swimming with us!  


Casey McNutt

Sea-E-O, Mermaid Cove Collective™

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