Unboxing : Mermaid Cove Crate August 2018 - What was inside the subscription box?

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Mermaid Cove Crate Subscription Box for Mermaids

Click here to view the educational insert we included in this month's box!

This Month's Charm: Silver Sea Turtle with Gemstone 

There's something about Sea Turtles that puts a smile on everyones face! Perfect for your Mermaid Cove bracelet, a necklace or keychain, this charm reminds us to be happy, strong, and to go with the flow!
1. Custom Turtle Tumbler by Mermaid Cove | retail value: $14.95 | Enjoy your favorite cocktail with your perfect mini-tumbler! Complete with your name and a holographic turtle to show your love! 
Mermaid Cove Crate Subscription Box for Mermaids Custom Mermaid Wine Wumbler
2. Sea Turtle Glassware by Angel Star™ | retail value: $8| A tranquil, hand-painted Sea Turtle graces the center of this beautiful glassware! Maintain the beautiful shine of colors by hand washing with soap and warm water. This handcrafted dish is food safe, lead and cadmium free. 
3. Iridescent Metal Straws w/ Cleaner by Mermaid Cove | retail value: $5.95 | Did you know that straws are one of the top ten items removed from beaches worldwide?! 500 Million of them are used every day. As mermaids, it's our responsibility to protect our ocean home. Take a step with us by using your own reusable straws, paper ones, or skipping it all together! 
4. Sandy Turtle Photo Holder by Midwest Designs | retail value: $12 | Add a beautiful touch to your home with this fun photo holder! We think a picture of you at the beach would be perfect :) 
5. Stainless Steel Wine Pourer/Aerator by In Vino Veritas™ | retail value: $29 | Almost every mermaid enjoys kicking back with a beautiful glass of wine at the end of the day! Except YOU are doing it in style! This hand sculpted design made of high grade stainless steel provides smooth even pouring and non-drip functionality. It is dishwasher safe and also aerates as it pours! 
Mermaid Cove Crate Subscription Box for Mermaids
6. Sea Salt + Sandalwood Wax Melt Chips by Seventh Avenue™| retail value: $9.95 | If you can't relax beachside, then bring the beach inside your home! Add chips to a wax warmer and enjoy the complexity of this bold fragrance without the flame.

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Mermaid Cove Crate Subscription Box for Mermaids

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