Unboxing: November 2018 "Mermaid Tribe" by The Filthy Mermaid

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the filthy mermaid subscription box
"Mermaid Tribe" Longsleeve Tee by The Filthy Mermaid ™
We're proud to be a part of such a wonderful pod of mermaids! Complete with shells and tails, we flippin' love this design and all that it stands for! www.thefilthymermaid.com | retail value: $24.95
"Mermaid Tribe" Bag for YOU & your BESTIE! by The Filthy Mermaid™
Yup - you... AND another one for your best mer-bud! Enjoy this fun zip bag with the tribe design in a fun glitter print. Keep all of your whozits and whatzits organized. Siren Swag Bag only | retail value: $4.25 each
mermaid cosmetic bag
"Mermaid" Necklaces by Oh Yeah!™
Shellebrate simply with this cute mermaid charm on a chain - and another for your friend! Sometimes it's the little reminders that someone is thinking of you that gets you through the day. Reach out and gift a merbabe who you love! | retail value: $5 each
mermaid necklace jewelry


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