The Filthy Mermaid "Mermaids Trick and Treat" One Time Box

The Filthy Mermaid "Mermaids Trick and Treat" One Time Box

  • $34.99

October's The Filthy Mermaid™ Subscription Box

What's in the box??

"Shelleton" Hoodie by The Filthy Mermaid ™ GET TRICKY!!! Rock this wicked hoodie during our favorite time of year!! This scary and sexy full-front print was designed especially for you badasses! Your gorgeous hoodie is the reason for your new packaging this month... we couldn't fit this beautiful sucker in the box! Enjoy!!| retail value: $34.95

Mermaid Body Butter from SD Mermaid Beauty™ Time to treat yourself now!!! Luxury lies inside of this bottle and heaven smells like lavendar and vanilla! This handmade ultra healing lotion is made with gemstone elixir, vanilla extract, essential oil, shea butter, and coconut oil. |retail value: $4.25

Mermaid Scales Tattoo by Emerald Coast Mermaids™ If you're wrapping up your costume or just adding accessories to your everyday wardrobe, you NEED. THIS. NOW. We love this whole website!! Here's your teaser-tat, now head over and get several packs of them and a scale swimsuit while you're at it! |retail value: $3.25

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