Blue Raspberry...Colored clip on hair extension ponytail that you can curl & straighten

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  • Save $5


  • Change your look in seconds without the use of messy hair chalk or dye that fades quickly. Featuring a variety of different color combinations, this colored clip on ponytail will complement your outfit and make your hair pop!
  • No more cheap, waxy wig hair that you have to throw away after 1 or 2 uses. Our clip-on ponytails are tangle resistant and light weight. Simply clip in to get a temporary dyed look.
  • These colored hair extensions come in several color combinations that clip-in and can be worn straight or curly for fun, dress-up, crazy hair day, birthday party or theme party.
  • The ponytails have a claw clip to make them easy to securely attach to even the smallest amount of hair. Simply secure some or all of your hair with an elastic hair band and clip in the hair extension ponytail. These hair pieces work on fine or small ponytails and buns too!
  • They are a stylish and colorful accessory that can be worn either straight or curly, making them a fun addition to your collection. They are easy to curl with hot rollers or straighten with a straightener.
  1. Colors: blue & lavender
  2. Made of 100% high quality Synthetic fiber
  3. Heat-resistant up to 300F/180C
  4. Light weight only 4 oz.
  5. Length: 18-20"
  6. Wash with shampoo in cold water & hang to dry.
  7. Curl with hot rollers or a curling iron
  8. Straighten with a straightener
  9. ***All ponytails sold straight***

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