Custom Decal Corkcicle Tumbler - Thermos, Mug (Stainless Steel)

  • $36.00

Reusable, eco friendly, easy to clean, dishwasher safe and BPA free!

These shatterproof stainless steel interior lined tumblers keep your mermaid juice cold for 9 hours (or your unicorn tea hot for 3!).  

There are 3 layers of insulation in these beauties so you won't burn your hands and say good-bye to slippery condensation.

The lid is vaccum sealed so if you accidentally drop it - your precious beverage stands a chance AND since it's completely shatterproof - you won't get kicked off the pool deck.

Customize your Corkcicle with the following MERMAZING options

Select Your Decal Design

Make a bold statement with one of our whimsical sea creatures, mermaids or merman. 


Select Your Decal Design


 AND/OR Select Your Font Choice

Claim your beverage by adding your name(or whatever screams "MINE!") in one of our Mermaid inspired fonts!

Select Your Font Choice

Select Your Decal Color

We offer 7 holographic mer-tastic color options!

1 Lite Blue/Pink  2 Dark Blue/Purple  3 Dark Blue/Green  4 Orange/Green  5 Yellow/Pink  6 Orange/Yellow  7 Orange/Hot Pink

1. Lite Blue/Pink

2. Dark Blue/Purple

3. Dark Blue/Green

4. Orange/Green

5. Yellow/Pink

6. Orange/Yellow

7. Orange/Hot Pink

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