Mermaid Cove Crate KIDS!

  • $38.95

Mermaid and ocean inspired gift box for mermaids ages 5-8 years old - enjoyable for Mermaids up to age 12!

Your delivery will feature items like these:

  • Mermaid inspired gifts & accessories
  • Ocean inspired crafts
  • Conservation & sustainability-minded books and activities for kids.
  • And much more!

A new Mermaid Cove Crate for kids ships quarterly! Don't miss out on our next delivery : Subscribe by the 10th day of the ship month to get the magic delivered to you!

Ship dates: December 15, March 15, June 15, September 15

Both educational and mermazing gifts in each box themed around a lesson of ocean conservation lead by Mermaid Elle.

mermaid elle

[Please note: When you select one month of Mermaid Cove Crate, you will NOT be automatically charged for the next delivery - we will announce the next box one month before ship date so be sure to follow @mermaidelleclub @mermaidcovecrate @mermaidcovecollective on Instagram so you don't miss out on the fun!]

Follow Mermaid Elle Club for interactive conservation lessons, videos, and how your mermaid can help Mermaid Elle Save The Seas .

Includes shipping within the USA and US Territories

Mermaid Elle

In the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea lives a curious little mermaid named Mermaid Elle. She loves the ocean and has realized the actions from the humans above the surface are becoming a threat to her home. How can she solve this problem? She must come to land and be-friend the humans and convince them to keep her home in the ocean safe.

Along with her friend Morgan, the mischievous sea turtle, and her delicate beautiful seahorse pet Sparkles, Mermaid Elle embarks on an adventure to communicate with the humans about this problem.

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