Mermaid Elle Turquoise Tail Youth Tank

Mermaid Elle Turquoise Tail Youth Tank

  • $15.00

In the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea lives a curious little mermaid named Mermaid Elle. She loves the ocean and has realized the actions from the humans above the surface are becoming a threat to her home. How can she solve this problem? She must come to land and be-friend the humans and convince them to keep her home in the ocean safe.

Along with her friend Morgan, the mischievous sea turtle, and her delicate beautiful seahorse pet Sparkles, Mermaid Elle embarks on an adventure to communicate with the humans about this problem. Children's book coming 2019 Follow the @MermaidElleClub

Ready to match your favorite curious little mermaid? Now you can! Sport her magical starfish and seashell top or her merdorable tail to join her in her adventures. Mommy and me options also available. 

This super soft signature Mermaid Elle tail  tank is perfect for your little mermaid!

White with Turquoise design

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