Unboxing : Mermaid Cove Crate September 2018 - What was inside the subscription box?

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Mermaid Cove Crate Subscription Box for Ocean Lovers

This Month's Charm: Shark Cage Charm!

This is SO FUN! Your hollow bead cage locket allows you to put your own stone, pearl, or oil diffuser inside! Add it to your bracelet for a chunky piece or on a necklace to diffuse your favorite oil petal.

Mermaid Cove Crate Subscription Box Shark Charm

1. "Eat Like a SHARK" ceramic mug by Mermaid Cove | retail value: $14.95 | Drinkware with an honest statement! Isn't it true, mermaid? We may look like mermaids, but we eat... like SHARKS!

2. Shark Stud Earrings by World End Imports™ | retail value: $6| Simple and so much fun to wear! These cute silver shark studs are nickel and lead free. Nothing makes us love sharks more than their toothy smile :)

Mermaid Cove Crate Subscription Box for Mermaids

3. Fin Pin Margarita Shark Pin | retail value: $8 | This colorful pin combines sharks and margaritas!! What more is there to love? Not only did we send you this adorable pin, but check out the sticker!! Gaahhh!!! As mermaids, it's our responsibility to protect our shark friends. This company donates proceeds from some of it's sales to research and ocean conservation! Check them out!

Margarita Shark Pin Mermaid Subscription Box

4. Shark Fin Ice Cube Mold Tray | retail value: $6 | We're not saying you're gonna be the hit at your next cocktail party with these ice cubes... but you are sooo going to be a hit at that party!! Change it up by freezing Rose' to keep that class cold... Rose' Sharks? Ummm, yes please! This mold is silicone and is also dishwasher safe!

Shark Ice Cube Tray

5. Shiny Scales Mermaid Cuff by Mermaids of Grace™ | retail value: $12 | We love all things handmade and Mermaids of Grace does it better than nearly everyone. This unique, fintastic cuff was made for your box by their team. The pearl snap accents bring a little hint of our ocean home to us!

6. Swimming Mermaid Scarf | retail value: $13.95 | Enjoy your super soft 72" viscose scarf! The weather will be cooling off soon and this lightweight accessory is beautiful with any outfit. Even if you're somewhere hot all the time like us, it's great as a swimsuit wrap too!

Curious about our upcoming delivery?

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Mermaid Subscription Box


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